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A kata is just a simple program that you write over and over again as a way to practice. We do them all the time. It's part of our normal discipline.
   --- The Clean Coder

These slides are provided to facilitate your typing while running our labs. It is highly advised, however, that you type these commands on your own instead of simply copying/pasting. Let’s learn by doing!


Kata 是一套設計好的、用來模擬搏鬥一方的招式。目標則是要逐步把整套招式練習到純熟⋯⋯為了真正搏鬥時能正確應對⋯⋯
   --- 教育訓練的 Kata 設計



請依照投影片進度,搭配置於 GitHub 的 Lab Materials,逐一進行。